Shelving Units With Rear Tapered Corner

Shelves with chamfered side plates: a way to exploit the full height of your van

Shelves with chamfered side plates are a great way of exploiting the full height of your van, whatever the model. These shelves fit at the top of the van’s side walls, right under the roof and turn an otherwise unused space into practical storage.

Offset shelving: how Syncro System maximises available space

One of the features that make Syncro van storage systems stand out from the competition is their ability to offset modules one with respect to another.

What exactly does offset installation mean? Most van side walls are curved rather than perfectly vertical. To follow the profile of the side walls while maintaining a continuous vertical surface towards the inside of the van, columns of storage cabinets can be assembled from modules of different depth. Read More

Shelving units with rear tapered corner