Shelving units for canisters

Canister racks

Specially designed shelves for the safe transport of oils, fuels and other liquids in your van.

Customer needs, Syncro solutions

Most customers ask to have their vans fitted out as mobile workshops because they need to work on remote sites or at their own clients’ premises. Many are service technicians, electricians, painters and the like while others are mechanics specialising in trucks, buses, tractors and industrial plant.

Syncro System helps all these professionals, satisfying their requests for:

  • a large number of containers to carry tools, spare parts and sundries safely and in an orderly manner;
  • plenty of free space to carry other cargo, including bulky equipment and materials;
  • easy to use yet effective cargo lashing systems;
  • an area they use as a workshop for small repairs and modifications;
  • all of the above – without unduly limiting the van’s carrying capacity and at a cost that can be recovered rapidly.

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